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How well do you get along with your cat? Or perhaps the question ought to be: How well does your cat get along with you? See how many of these questions can you give an HONEST "yes" answer to:

yes or no?
Do you and your cat have the same taste in food?

Do you give your cat a complete massage at least three times a day?

Do you help your cat fall asleep in the evening by singing his favorite lullaby?

Do you leave enough room on the bed for your cat at night - like about half of it?
Do you and your cat enjoy the same TV shows and movies?

Do you love your cat as much as she/he loves her/himself?

Do you have a special chair at the dining table set aside for your cat?

Is your cat more important to you than your boss, spouse, or kids?

Are you willing to sleep on the sofa in the living room if there is room for only one of you in your bed?

Have you ever purposely kept your cat awake for more than ten minutes?


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