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Keep track of how many A's, B's or C's by clicking the buttons.

1. The first thing in the morning your cat:

A. Waits patiently and quietly to be fed.

B. Jumps on the bed, bites your feet, bops you in the nose with her paw, and meows constantly.

C. Cuddles up with you under the covers for an extended snooze.

2. Your cat's idea of a fun time is:

A. Eating - and being stroked only just once in a while.

B. Playing a game of soccer on the bare kitchen floor with a metal ball at 3 AM.

C. Sticking very close to you as you're working or sitting around the house.

3. When you come home after being gone all day, your cat:

A. Completely ignores you.

B. Runs through the house, slides through the kitchen, and slams into the food bowls.

C. Weaves herself through your legs, meowing until you pick her up, and make a fuss over her.

4. When friends come over, your cat:

A. Runs and hides under the bed.

B. Hangs around, checks out the food, and sniffs at the lady's pocketbook and coat.

C. Greets each guest trying to become the "life of the party."

5. Your cat's idea of "bonding" with you is:

A. Just being under the same roof with you.

B. Chewing up you favorite pair of shoes.

C. Sharing everything with you - your lap, your dinner plate, your pillow.

6. When little kids come over and want to play with "kitty," you are compelled to say:

A. "Oh, I'm so sorry, but the kitty isn't friendly to children."

B. Well, OK, just for a few minutes, but she's got to stay in her "pet taxi."

C. Yes, that would be great! She loves to play with kids!"

7. If another cat appears on your doorstep, your cat:

A. Hisses and runs away to hide under the bed.

B. Watches it ever so carefully from the window growling until it disappears.

C. Meows and purrs, and intently watches every move it makes.

8. When at the vet's office, your cat:

A. Is scared whiskerless.

B. Howls and paces in her carrier.

C. Is calm and receptive to all the vet's poking and prodding.

9. Going in a trip with you cat is:

A. Absolutely impossible; she's too scared of cars.

B. Possible, only if sedated.

C. Not a problem; she adapts easily, even if she doesn't like it.

10. In general living with your cat is like living with:

A. Your great-great old aunt Fannie.

B. An energetic small child.

C. A close and dear friend.

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