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Stained Glass Menu of Works

* means Original Design
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2000 2002

*'59 Cadillac 12"circle *Faux Pas Butterflys

Angel Cat 5x10 1/2 *Second-Hand Rose

Butterfly 12" circle *Shark!

Cat 11x17 *4th of July Butterflys

*Johnathan Seagull 12x32 *ILoveU

*Kitty & Daisy 10" circle *Spring Magic

*Wizard 15" circle *Crab


*Audrey&Seymour 7" circle

*Brandy's Portrait 10" circle

*Bugs Bunny 10"circle

Butterfly #1 10 1/2x12

Butterfly #2 10 1/2x12

*Desert Sunset 18X28


*Fleur-De-Le 8x10

*Madison the Mermaid 22x22

*Merry Angel

*Mistoffelees's Castle 8X15

*Monarch Butterfly

Oceana Butterfly 10 1/2x12

Prancer 18X24

*Road Runner&Wile E. Coyote 10x6 frame

Scruffy Angel 5x10 1/2

*Serenity Angel 14x17

*Sign 20x26

*Sky Over Pearl 10" circle

*Starie Dragon 18x18 (edge to edge)

*Sylvester 11" circle

*Taz 10" circle


*Wanda the Fantasy Fish 22x28

*Yosemite Sam 11" circle

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