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1. ----False. Of course NOT! It comes from sheep, hogs, and horses!

2. ----True. Some of you may disagree with this, but they can! And they're very good at it, too!

3. ----True. Oh, YES! Like dogs, cats can learn many tasks and tricks, including using a toilet, sitting, begging, playing dead, and more!

4. ----True. Obviously, see #3. Cats have exceptional memories and show a natural knack for learning through their experiences and careful observations of their environment.

5. ----False. Well, it depends on the distance they fall. The higher the distance the more likely it is to land on its feet. They have more time to "parachute" their way down by arching the back and extending the legs. (But they do not always escape injury, of course, so, please don't throw your cat out the ten story window to prove this!)

6.----False. Fact: Actually, most warm-blooded mammals, including cats, bats, skunks and ferrets, can carry rabies. Like dogs, cats should be vaccinated regularly according to local laws.

7.----False. Fact: Cats still are exposed to organisms that are carried through the air or brought in on a cat owner's shoes or clothing. Even the most housebound cat ventures outdoors at some time and can be exposed to diseases and worms through contact with other animals feces.

8.----False. Fact: Pets become infected with tape worms from swallowing fleas, which carry the parasite. Also, cats can get tapeworms from eating infected mice or other exposed animals.

9.---- False. Fact: Garlic may make the animal's food taste better but has no effect on worms. The most effective way to treat worms is by medication prescribed by a veterinarian.

10.----False. Fact: Some cats can be infected with a disease called toxoplasmosis, which occasionally can be spread to humans through cat litter boxes and cause serious problems in unborn babies. HOWEVER, these problems can be controlled, if the expectant mother avoids contact with the litter box and assigns daily cleaning to a friend or other family member.

11.----False. Fact: Cats use their whiskers as "feelers" but not to maintain their balance.

12.----False. Fact: Such licking actually can slow the healing process and further damage the wound.