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Oedipus- Family History

This family line show that Oedipus is destined to be king of Thebes.


*= Regent in Thebes

Epaphus 1 (king of Egypt, father of Libya)

-Libya descendants:Lelex 2, Belus 1, Agenor 1(father of Cadmus & Europa)

*Cadmus (founder of Thebes, married Harmonia 1-daughter of Ares & Aphrodite)

*Polydorus 2 (son of Cadmus, married Nycteis-daughter of a Boeotian king, Nycteus 2)

-died,son Labdacus 1 too young to rein

*Nycteus 2 (wounded in a battle in Sicyon)

*Lycus 5 (brother of Nycteus 2, Labdacus 1 too young to rein)

*Labdacus 1 (son of Polydorus 2, murdered by the MAENADS, son Laius 1 too young to rein)

*Lycus 5 (killed by Amphion 1 & Zethus, Laius 1 was exiled to Peloponnesus}

*Amphion 1

*Laius 1 (married Jocasta- daughter of Menoeceus 1, killed by son- Oedipus)

*Oedipus (Oracle-solves the riddle of the Sphinx-married Jocasta, children: Polynices,Eteocles 1, Ismene 2, and Antigone 2-destruction)

*Creon 2 (brother of Jocasta)

*Polynices and Eteocles 1(son's of Oedipus-exiled father-killed each other during the war of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES)

*Creon 2