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At post-menopause, nearly fifty-six years old, I have been reflecting on my life so far. I have recently been developing my artistic abilities. I have taken classes in stained glass and drawing. The new hobby of stained glass is rewarding but I canít find enough time to devote to it. I plan to continue the craft for many years. I would like to take a computer class, but I am not into it yet. I am still working two days a week as a hairdresser. Of course, the rest of the time is spent as wife, mother, homemaker, errand woman, Ďhandymaní, and gardener. I have no real plans for much change right now. I do know I want to always be close with Jenna and will continue to share my thoughts and feelings with her.
Itís true when I was young, I knew my mother as only mom. Iím glad I got to grow up knowing and loving her as a person. I thank my mother for sharing her personal life. Some of the details and juicy bits have been left out of the paper due to being irrelevant or to personal to discuss further. All through my childhood, my mother and I have been really close. Throughout my life, my mother has been an admirable influence. At times it seems that one could describe our relationship has though we were sisters rather than mother-daughter. I will always remember my motherís love and all the wonderful things she has done for me. Mom, in my eyes, you are forever the greatest.
Portrait 2001