Cat Cues
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Cat Cues


Ever been plagued by pesky ants that in the spring and summer months seem to come out of nowhere and make a direct line for the cat food bowl? I recently came across this helpful anti- anttip: Place the food bowls inside a larger shallow pan filled with water. The water will act as sort of a moat that the ants will not be able to cross and so cannot invade the bowl of food!



Here's a list of some practical tips for guys who date cat owning gals. If you want your relationship to blossom, practice the following "cat-etiquette" rules guaranteed to put you in your gal's (and the cat's) good graces:
  • Never, never, ever mention that you can, or can't, smell the litter box.
  • If the kitty wants to spend hours untying your shoe laces, let her. When she gets them untied, retie them so she can continue playing with them.
  • Never, ever make a big show of brushing cat hair from your pants or even commenting on it. (Just keep a lint roller in your car.)
  • Never, never, ever push the cat off the sofa if she's snuggled herself between you and your lady.
  • When you call her on the phone, the very first thing, ask her about her cat.
  • If she has to leave the room for a few minutes, ask her if she's got a cat toy handy so you can keep kitty entertained.
  • When you take her out to dinner, always ask her if it's OK to bring home some left overs in a "kitty-bag" for her cat.

Follow these few simple rules, guys, and you'll be a big hit. At first, it may take effort, but in no time you'll discover that you really DO like these fascinating felines afterall. They have a special way of getting you wrapped around their little paws. "Real men" DO love cats, you know. It's a fact!


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