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How much do you know about your cat, anatomically speaking, that is?

You know the basics: She's got four paws, two eyes, two ears, one nose, and one tail. But what about some of the other feline features? Take this short quiz to see what else you know. It's okay to go get your cat to help you take the quiz. It won't be cheating; think of it as an "open cat" test. (You remember those open book tests from school, right?)

Here goes: But first, put your left hand over your heart, raise your right hand and promise: "No cat will be harmed during the administration of this quiz." The ASPCA and I thank you!

--1. How many whiskers does your cat have arranged in horizontal rows on each side of her nose? (Get your glasses or magnifying glass.)

a. 44

b. 34

c. 24

d. 14

--2. How many muscles does your cat use to leap, jump and sprint? (This is impossible to detect by looking at your cat. You just have to know this one.)

a. 500

b. 100

c. 30

d. 12

--3. How many teeth does your adult cat have? (Be careful trying to get the answer on this one!)

a. 34

b. 32

c. 30

d. 26

--4. How many eyelids does your cat have? (You may have to wait for kitty's nap time to find out.)

a. 4

b. 3

c. 2

d. 1


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